Real-time emissions management!

Over 90 nations now have a price on carbon. From Australia to the EU and China to the US, ‘emissions trading’ is becoming the preferred climate change policy option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The energy-hungry nation of Tasland is also moving and the Prime Minister, Barry Ryan, has set an ambitious target to reduce the country’s emissions by 40% within 3 years. To do this, his government has introduced a cap-and-trade type emissions trading scheme (ETS). These new policies are having big impacts on business.

Caught somewhat unprepared, Tasland’s ten biggest firms are scrambling to understand how carbon pricing is going to impact their business, and perhaps more importantly, how such a scheme will work in reality. You and your team will take control of one of these organisations, build a carbon footprint, develop and financially appraise a suit of carbon abatement options, compete for government-auctioned emissions permits, trade carbon on the secondary market, buy offsets, implement carbon reduction projects and even shut down your business if the price is too high. Yes…. it’s all very exciting… but the reality is that ‘the Board’ is demanding that you to manage the company’s ETS compliance at the lowest cost or be fired due to loss of shareholder value and not reducing environmental harm. No pressure.

CarbonGame has been presented to over one thousand public, private, academic and NGO sector participants both in Australia and internationally - in a carbon-constrained world, knowing the risks and opportunities could be a game changer for your organisation.

Welcome to Tasland.

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